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. joining us now is david pakman, host of "the david pakman show." and our own michael shure. thank to both of you. david we'll start with you. jeremy skahill of the nation magazine calls this a dirty war. do you think it's a fair term? is this a war or is it more of a covert operation? it is a dirty war using all of the ugly tactics that come associateded with that kind of term. >> without knowing more about it, which is part of the problem, we certainly can't rule out that it is a dirty war. and the reality is when we think about this, even looking at how it was reported that americans were being told to evacuate, because of the risk of terrorist attacks, but isn't it also possible that they might accidentally get hit by a drone? it's not unheard of for innocent people to be killed by drones. so that aspect, the fact that we don't know much about it, and the warnings suggest that if it's not dirty, it's certainly not clean. >> david: michael we'll turn to you. the government claims to be cooperating with the quote international alliance against terrorism. and should we believe them? and i
limbaugh, ditto. joining us from springfield, massachusetts, david pakman, a war room favorite. welcome back inside "the war room." >> thanks. >> michael: the north carolina law is the most recent voter i.d. law passed by republicans. is this going to have a big impacts on elections in 2014, not just presidential? >> yes, it depends how quickly the lawsuits happen. in north carolina you have to understand the context. putt mcquarry, he is the guy who campaigned on not proposing any abortion-related bills, and then he said that his bill was not really an abortion bill but an education bill. and you made a great point. if we really didn't have a problem here, then we wouldn't be seeing the rush to do this in so many states that immediately after the repeal the striking down of the provision in the voting rights act, and we had more people shot in the last month accidently in gun safety classes than the number of cases of confirmed voter impersonations since 2004. >> michael: gunshot at gun safety classes. it's a joke and blatant racism. governor mcquarry is being a racist here. i don't ha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2